Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Grandma McBride loved seeing Brynlee and tried all her little tricks to get her to stop crying!

Brynlee had a great first Christmas!

All the Grandkids in their new Christmas PJ's.

Boston loves his new baby sister! He is very protective of her.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Baby

So I have been trying to get these new pictures on here, but for some reason my computer isn't uploading them... Wierd! Anyways I have posted 2 new really cute pictures of Brynlee at the bottom of my blog... I know its a pain to scroll all the way to the bottom, but until I get the normal picture link figured out thats where the new pictures I post will be!
Things are going well with us. Christmas was alot of fun, we were able to go see both Matt and I's family,I just love Christmas time. Brynlee had a good Christmas... I think... hahah she probably just thought it was another day, except being out all day and seeing new faces, I'm sure she loved all the attention. Christmas time is such a special time, I am glad we were able to spend time with family!
Merry Christmas everyone!