Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed Brynlee on January 3rd. She was so pretty in her dress. The amazing thing about her Blessing dress is that its the same dress I wore on my blessing day. My talented mother made it 25 years ago, and it looked beautiful on little Brynlee.
Brynlee had her 2 month doctors appointment yesterday. I can't believe how big she is getting. I don't know where the last 2 months have gone! She did amazingly well and only cried for a little bit when she got the shots. She now weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces which is average for kids her age. She was 24 inches long which is in the 77% of kids her age. (We hope she stays on that course, maybe she will be tall!) Here are a few cute pictures of her over the last few weeks. She smiles so much now, I can't believe it! Matt is the best at getting her to smile, she sure loves her daddy!