Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brynlee is 1!

Brynlee turned 1 on November 12th! I can't believe its been a whole year! She is getting so big and has the cutest personality, I just love her. So along with milestones comes Doctors appointments. We went to the doctors office yesterday for her 1 year appointment. She is a light weight, weighing in at 16lbs 14oz. She was 16lbs 4oz at 9 months, so needless to say she didn't gain much weight. But she grew in length a couple inches. She is below the 2% in weight and in the 60% for length. So the doctor says she is tall and skinny, and thats not too bad, he says he isn't worried to much about her weight right now, but to just keep trying high calorie foods. When I find something she likes I overload her on it! I just love watching her little mind work, she is so curious about things, and is so bound and determined to figure things out for herself. Examples of why I can't get enough of her... -Taking the lid off a water bottle and working at putting it back on...for a baby with those small hands to get it on just right takes time. -Taking my wallet out of my purse and pulling every thing out of it. -I take her to work with me and she is on this kick where she goes and opens all the paper drawers to the printer, so when we want to print we can't cause they are all open. We decided we would tape the drawers closed so she can't open them... She sat there for minutes apon minutes working at pulling the tape off. Her little fingers just picking at the tape. -Our little sweetheart has never taken a bottle, a binkie, she doesn't like cows milk, she doesn't like juice... the list goes on. She only likes the veggie baby foods, not fruit ones, and she will only drink water out of her sippy cup. Which is great because water doesn't cost money.. -She loves to look at pictures on my camera with me. She giggles at home videos of herself. -She has been walking for a month now, so now she tries running everywhere. -She has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen. -She doesn't sleep through the night. She wakes up at 1:30am and 3:30am and then wakes up for the morning at 6:30am and don't try and make her go back to sleep, it makes her mad. But once I get out of bed with her she is so much fun to play with in the morning. That is her happiest time of the day! -She has the best smile in the world. (espcially now that her 2 bottom teeth are in) -She has a temper just like her dad -She likes to dance, and she has moves like her mom... :) Brynlee is such a sweetheart I am so happy she is part of our family! Here are some recent pictures of our 1 year old little angel!