Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Things!

I got pictures of Brynlee taken today, and I just had to post some! She did so good! She did keep running off though, I couldn't keep her still!!!
She is such a blessing to me though, I absolutely love her to death, I can't believe how smart she is. She can now say mom and dad and Hi and bost, and a few other things! My favorite is when Matt goes downstairs to watch TV or something and she doesn't follow him, she just sits at the top of the stairs and yells down to him "Daddd! DADDD!!! Daddd! as matt yells back, its such a cute thing, I love it! She understands things now, when I say lets go take a bath, she goes straight to the tub and starts pulling at her jammies to get them off. Or when I say lets go get a cracker she knows exactly what cupboard they are in. And Brynlee is Bostons new favorite friend, she loves giving him treats and I swear 5 times a day she will walk over to the cupboard with his treats in it and start pulling at it, that means she wants to give him another one. Oh and by the way, dog food must not taste that aweful because at least 2 times a day I catch her putting her hands in his dog food, and almost everytime she has a peice in her month! YUCK!
Our Sweetheart is growing up fast! Look how darling these pictures are!