Monday, May 31, 2010

Camping Trip

We went on our first camping trip this year. This was Brynlee's 1st camping trip! She absolutely loved it! We wentup Spanish Fork Canyon! We took our new tent trailer and Lauri and Trevor came with us and Drew and Ali and their little boys came, we all had a really good time! We rode horses and four wheelers and I even got to go shoot the guns! I tried really hard to hit the soda cans, but missed everytime! I guess I'm not a very good aim! We were nervous about the weather but it turned out to be a really good weekend, perfect camping weather! My parents came up and visited each night, it was fun to have them there. I have some really good pictures of the trip, so enjoy!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brynlee is getting so big!

Boston Loves Brynlee

I love to eat!!!

Great Grandma Curtis's 90th Birthday Party!

Sleeping on Dad!

Big Smiles!

Brynlee has grown and developed more skills over the past week! She is getting so big too fast! She sits up on her own, she has definitly found her voice, she loves to jabber jabber jabber. She loves Rice Cereal, and we gave her Sweet Peas last night, our first attempt at baby food... and she loved them!!! Check that veggie off the list! She likes that one! Now we will have to try the others! Here are a few cute pictures of our little sweetheart!