Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Camera

So I got a new camera a few weeks ago, and I have been playing with it and having alot of fun. The other day I was outside with Boston and Brynlee and I decided to snap a few shots, they play so well together, Boston kept bringing his tennis ball over to her and dropping it in front of her, she would grab it and hold it for a minute and then lay it back down, I would throw it for him and then he would bring it back to do it all over again! I might put a few others pictures of other things so enjoy them and we are doing alot of fun things this summer so hopefully I'll have even more to put on here!

We went down to New Mexico this weekend to buy a truck from Perry my brother inlaw, and while we were down there Brynlee had a great time with her cousins! Oh and she tasted her first lemon... it was so funny because she would suck on it for along time like 10 seconds and then we would pull it away from her and thats when she would make the sour face, it was so cute! I love that little girl!

While down there we went rock climbing in Perrys Land Cruiser, it was so fun and so scary, we went up some steep stuff, I swear Matt and I were looking straight up at the back of their seats, I thought we would flip so many times, but Perry was a good driver! It was a blast! Thanks for taking us Perry!