Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yes child number 2 has arrived, and it has been a busy month so I am just now posting about it on my blog... well I'm not sure I could even call this much of a blog, I don't blog much at all, so if you like see whats going on with our family look at Matt and my facebook pages, we update those more than this. Oaklee Tegan McBride came into our lives December 28th 2011, and she was 8.2 pounds and 19 inches. She came out with tons of dark hair and has for the most part kept it all over the last 2 months. I took her to her two month appointment this past week and she was just under 12 pounds... yes she is a big baby, very healthy. I was at my parents house a few weeks ago and looked at my baby book. And realized that Oaklee looks just like my baby pictures. Brynlee and I were looking at my baby book together and whenever Bryn saw a picture of me as a baby she would point and say Oaklee? And I would tell her it was me, but we look alike as babies, so who knows maybe Bryn will look like Matt and Oaklee will look like me. We blessed her today in church, it is always a special day when your baby is blessed, it was a wonderful day. So good to have family and friends come support us, thank you! Not much else going on, just having fun being a family of 4 and enjoying life! I do have tons more pictures on facebook so check them out!