Wednesday, September 30, 2009

London Trip

Matt was able to go to London last week on a work trip. At least thats what he claims it was for! He had a really good time and said that he would like to take me back sometime to see the sights! YEAH!! The only thing I don't like about him going out of the country on work trips is that his phone doesn't work, and I don't get to talk to him. We did communicate by email a little bit, so that was good. Matt was also lucky enough to be flying back to New York City the same day the Yankees were playing the Red Sox. He was able to go to the game at Yankee Stadium. The Red Sox did not win that game, but he had a good time going out and seeing his team play! Hopefully him and I can go to one in BOSTON one of these days!
Here are some pictures from his trip! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We actually went and did something fun, so I thought I would post some pictures! Oh and not to mention I haven't had the camera out forever because Matt seemed to put it in his hunting gear and I couldn't find it! We bought a Tent Trailer this last week, and took it out on our first adventure this past weekend. We went up to strawberry and did some camping. We had such a good time, I am so glad we bought it! It will be so nice to have with a little one. It even has a bathroom!!! YEAH!!!
Drew and Ali came and so did my sister Lauri and her husband Trevor. We had the horses up there, along with the 4wheelers my parents brought up saturday morning. They stayed most of the day and then even came back up sunday to hang out some more. Matt and Drew didn't have any luck with the hunting part of the trip, but everyone had a good time otherwise!